This is my favourite part of being a bird momma :’)

back when zeus could see he was fully flighted, and if he was bored hanging out with one person, he would launch himself in the air and scream while flying until he reached his intended target, which was usually the hair or glasses of whoever he was visiting. Even though Zeus announced his arrival with unending screeching, we would warn the household that he was en route by shouting “BIRD.”



People in the area: PLEASE be careful. These people are armed and police do not seem to care much about this issue. (Surprise, surprise).

Just as expected of the great state of Pennsylvania, right. Fuck’s sake.

Hahahahaha “balls deep” seriously though who came up with that saying for Jolyne! hahaha… no seriously, do you know their name? address? just wondering, not like I’m going to go over to their house and smother them with a pillow in their sleep or anything… ha haha… just wanna know who the big comedian is!!!